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Gaming, Professional Editing, Workstation, Office

Rapid Tech: Custom Built PCs.

Professionally built PCs for Gaming, Editing or Office

Whether you are in the market for a new gaming rig, a computer capable of professional video editing, or a workstation machine, at Rapid Tech we build high-quality custom PCs. 

Crafting Your Dream PC - Custom Built to Perfection

Top-tier Custom PCs for seamless computer performance and reliability.


Our repairs & parts ensure performance. Backed by warranty for lasting reliability.


Thorough testing guarantees optimal functionality. Your devices leave us flawless, inside and out.

High Quality Parts

We source high-quality components that are highly rated in the industry and known to last.

Free Quotes

Get expert insights and solutions with our free quotes for reliable laptop and computer services.

Price Promise

Experience exceptional laptop and computer services with our best price promise.

Get Started on Your Dream PC Build Today! Create Yours Now

Water Cooling? We've got you covered.

We build PCs to your specfication. Fancy water cooling or AIO solutions? No problem, just let us know how you would like us to build your next dream PC. 

Contact Rapid Tech UK today for a no-obligation quote about your specific requirements.

Call at 01992 621882

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